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CK dental hospital’s all medical teams base on the people-oriented management philosophy where customer’s satisfaction is our top priority and we would like to get closer to our customers as a comfortable hospital like your own house.

CK dental hospital puts customer’s satisfaction as our top priority and we cherish the time with the customers and as our goal, we are doing our best to provide pleasing treatment service to the customers.

Comfortable and ideal treatment equipments, individual treatment spaces which will insure your privacy, digital image equipments and resting facilities are CK dental hospital’s little effort for the satisfaction of customers. We will provide the best satisfaction to our customers by pursuing professional dental knowledge and apply it clinically.

Also, we provide the newest dental information and treatment with efficient medical treatment system and we cherish customer’s time. We pour all our effort to offer you healthy teeth for your confident smile.
CK dental hospital is wishing to become helpful new concept cultural website to enhance your teeth health as well as the quality of your life.

CK dental hospital Representative Director Shon, Jae Hee

The representative dental hospital in Ulsan’s ideology

Creator of brand new culture, CK dental hospital!
We are making people-oriented hospital and we always listen attentively to the other’s advice with humble attitude with the motto below.
We will do our level best to be truly trusted and loved by local residents of Ulsan.


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