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CK dental hospital’s specificity!

CK dental Hospitals premium service for special customers stars now.
We are making a greater effort for better treatment for the customers.
Financial support service

To lessen the economic burden of our customer’s we offer financial support service.
Valet Parking Service

For the safety and convenience of the customer, we provide high-class car valet parking service.
For the convenience of the customers, there are 100 parking spaces you can use for free.
Please ask for a help from valet parking personnel at the first floor.
Provide porridge

In CK dental hospital, we provide porridge to the implant placement patient who is having difficulty eating meal. We wish you to recover your teeth health soon.
After operation one stop in and out of the hospital

CK dental hospital provides VIP room in hospital ward to the patients who cannot move freely. Patients can leave the hospital after taking comfortable rest and stability.


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