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What is cavity?

After you eat, the food sediments will make cavity germs to decompose and make sour acid after about 3 minutes. Then after about 30 minutes, this acid will melt teeth and it becomes cavity. Some people are delaying to come to dental hospital although they feel pain or problem with their teeth. It’s because pain from cavity is not continuous. We use In-ray cure for not serious cavities, and we use crown cure for serious cavities which need endodontic treatment and to prevent tooth from crack.


Stages of cavity development

Cavity on the surface of tooth (enamel)
This stage of cavity is mostly neglected due to no observable symptoms. Early stage of cavity is placed at small gap on the surface of tooth. Cure at this time is simple and painless.
Dentinal cavity which approached near nerve
Cavity is expanded further up to near nerve under surface of tooth, and you can feel symptoms when you eat sweet or cold food. You need to cure at this time, in order to prevent cavity reaching nerve.
Cavity reached nerve
You need to remove nerve because nerve is infected by cavity. If cavity reached until you need to remove almost all the nerve, tooth is almost destroyed. So it takes long time and after cure, you need to cover the tooth.
Cavity reached until root of tooth
If pyosis or periodontistis are formed at tooth root, it will cause pain every time you chew, gumboil, and in worst case, we have to remove the tooth if it’s hard to be cured. If bacteria will infect your jaw bone through whole in nerve, your face will get seriously swollen and it can even cause periostitis. If cavity gets very serious, the poison and virus will cause disease on our organs like heart, lung, liver, and sometimes, it might kill us by causing acute blood poisoning, and rheumatism.

Way to cure cavity - nerve treatment

There is dental pulp inside your tooth which is an organ includes nerve branch, and blood vessel. If tooth gets serious cavity or damage, dental pulp inside tooth will have inflammation and dental pulp will die if it’s not cured. In this case, it will cause pain, and you might have to remove tooth because pus or cystoma formed at bones inside gum. Nerve treatment removes these infected dental pulps, disinfect, and then fill up the empty neural tube with medicine. After this treatment, discomfort might remain for quiet long time, but it will get better and finally, you won’t have problem chewing. If tooth is decayed too much or broken, teeth might break easily due to bit force after nerve treatment. To prevent this, it is necessary to have prosthetic treatment on your molar after nerve treatment.

Way to cure cavity - In-ray treatment

After we remove the cavity from tooth, we make the same shape for the removed space by gold, resin, or coating. Then, place it and paste with cement to make the tooth back to the original shape and function. This is In-ray treatment

Be advised when you are having nerve treatment

You can feel pain when you chew food, teeth are grazed, or even when your tongue touches your tooth on the day you had nerve treatment because your tooth becomes very sensitive. In this case, do not suffer patiently and use pain reliever from pharmacy.

You need to have nerve treatment at least 1~2 times to be cured properly. If you do not come anymore without the treatment is properly done because there is no more pain, it will be harder to cure because inflammation might recur.

When you are undergoing nerve treatment, try not to chew food by the tooth if possible.


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