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Necessity of periodontal treatment

There might be difference in degree but usually adults over 40 suffer from gum disease.
Patient may think his/her gum condition is good but in doctor’s view it’s usually not. The reason why gum disease is dangerous because it takes several years to occur and it does not cause inconvenience to daily life.
Cause of gum disease like periodontal disease is improper brushing of teeth. Plaque builds-up between teeth and gum. If this plaque is not removed for a long time, it calcifies hardly and becomes tartar. Due to this, infection occurs and gum bone melts down.
If gum bone continues to melt down, teeth will be loose, gum swells and aches when chewing.

When periodontal treatment is needed

When gum bleeds, heavy and aches

When gum turns red and swell

When gum looses and sits on the edge

When teeth are sensitive to cold and hot and when teeth smart

When you have bad breath

Teeth ache when chewing

Pus ooze out of gum

When there is gap between teeth

Treatment of periodontal disease- Scaling

This treatment is removing tartar, plaque, nicotine and exogeneous pigment by heavy-handed method to gloss the teeth surface. Specially person who has bad breath from periodontal disease, smoker, person who doesn’t brush teeth often must get this treatment. It is advised to get this treatment once every 3 to 6 months but people’s degree of plaque and coloring formation are different so patient should consult with doctor.

Matters that require attention after scaling

1. Do not spit saliva violently.
2. Gargle with salt water and gargling liquid.
3. It might ache generally for 2days
4. Teeth might smart for 2 to 4weeks
5. Brush teeth softly with lukewarm water
6. Avoid sweet (food with sugar) and acidic (fruits with acid, juice and vinegar) food for approximately 2weeks.
7. Do not eat too cold or not food.
8. Contact the hospital if bleeding does not stop for a long time.

Treatment of periodontal disease- Gum operation

When teeth loose due to alveolar bone absorption and pus ooze out from gum, Tartar and inflammatory tissue beneath gum cannot be removed by scaling excochleation. So it is better to treat alveolar bone lesion around by incising gum.
Gum plastic surgery is needed when teeth smart or if it looks bad due to excessive gum exposure and transplanting artificial bone operation is needed when alveolar bone is lost due yo gum disease.

Matters that require attention after gum disease

1. Anesthesia wears off after about 2hours.
2. Operation site might bleed and ache.
3. Medicine should be taken after meal.
4. Do not touch the wound, spit saliva or gargle it with water till it heals.
5. It is advisable to use chlorohexidine as an oral gargle liquid.
6. Brush the non-operated site softly with lukewarm water.
7. Restrain eating sweet and acidic food when under gum treatment.
8. Restrain hot, cold, hard and rough food.
9. Avoid severe exercise and take a rest if possible.
10. If the pack falls within three days after operation, you need to come to hospital for patching.
11. Stitched part should be unstitched with stitching thread within seven days in hospital.

Prevention of periodontal disease

Regular and proper is important

To remove bacterial membrane, brush inner and outer teeth are important.
Especially it is advised to brush teeth within 3minutes after meal and
use soft bristle toothbrush

Make a habit of flossing

Floss removes bacterial membrane in gum boundary and between teeth
where tooth brush cannot reach. Also it helps gum condition
to stay healthy by stimulating gum


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