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Extracting wisdom tooth
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Treatment of wisdom tooth

Wisdom tooth is the 3rd molar tooth at the last. Usually comes out between late teens and early twenties so it is called wisdom tooth. And it is also called as love tooth because it comes out at the time when they feel love. Wisdom tooth is all in all four. But it is degenerating tooth so it might not come out and there are times when dental formation is not normal.
It causes pain and damage of jaw bone when it is not completely erupted or when it comes out slanted due to no enough space.
Even though wisdom tooth comes out at proper position, so it might cause cavity or infection because it is hard to take care of. Also it could be a cause of various cyst and tumor in jaw bone.

Operation of slanted wisdom tooth

Operation of slanted wisdom tooth is not easy and brings considerable pain. Especially, when extracting tooth is delayed, teeth around are usually damaged. Recently, with the development of anesthetic drugs, you feel a lot lesser pain when extracting but cases below can cause pain after operation.

Long operation time

Swells because of spreading of infection

Pain caused by expansion due to blood so when pain killer is not effective.

Appropriately taking medicine or getting a shot can prevent pain before operation and ice pack after operation is best way to minimize the swelling.

Operation of lower jaw wisdom tooth

Lower jaw wisdom tooth is harder to extract than upper jaw wisdom tooth.
Especially if slanted or bended, is it not easy to extract. When root of wisdom tooth is inside the neural stem, can burst like water pipe and when it is damaged, lower jaw can be numb with bleeding and paralysis. It is safe to have operation in a hospital that often handles this kind of operation.

Matters that requires attention after operation

Restrain bath, drinking, severe exercise and smoking.

Do not touch it with finger and tongue

Do not spit saliva and throw gauze after biting it for 2 hours.

If it bleeds after taking out gauze, bite new gauze for an hour. If bleeding does not stop, contact the hospital

Eat soft food not to irritate the operated site.

Take rest if possible and do ice pack for 1 to 2 days.


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