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Denture solves the discomfort of teeth lose

Patient can be satisfied with detachable prosthetic appliance that can be worn and
removed by patient. Material of denture hinges on patient’s condition.
Denture is for patients who can do implant due to condition of gum bone,
physical illness and economical problem. It is hard for denture to natural teeth
but denture’s masticatory function should be smooth and made like natural teeth.

Targets of denture

Afraid of dental treatment

Need new denture

When gum is week

Need portion denture due to 1 to 2 teeth loss

Cannot afford implant treatment or cost

Kinds of denture

Completed denture

If all teeth are lost, we model in gum formation to made right denture for the patient. Feeling of irritation might be wounded when chewing food while wearing the denture for first time.
Therefore, patience and period of adjustment is needed. When wearing denture, parient need to take care of his/her teeth and gum.

Portion denture

Portion denture that is used when there are no teeth at one side or no molar teeth at either side.
Denture supported by gum and maintained by hooking on remaining teeth when patient cannot do implant.
Therefore, patience and period of adjustment is needed. When wearing denture, parient need to take care of his/her teeth and gum.

Magnetic denture

When a few teeth are remaining, put magnets in root teeth for denture support.

Worries about denture

In case of portion denture, if remaining teeth cannot be used anymore, there is a chance of redoing the whole denture.
When we chew food, the force goes to the gum. This may lower gum height. And denture teeth are weaker than natural teeth, it will wear out. So it is advised to do regular check up once every 1 or 2 years.

Follow –up care after denture is made

It is advised to wash the denture after meal and wash the denture with cleaner using tooth brush mildly. Denture can wear out easily if you use tooth paste to clean it. Since toothpaste has abrasive. So it is better to use denture cleaner. Form of denture will change when you sterilize it in hot water. Do not sterilize denture in hot water.

Denture implant FAQ

1. Can I eat food well when I put in my denture?
Denture recovers function of molar teeth. You can eat all the foods that natural teeth can chew. Only it takes more time to chew food because the denture cannot function as natural teeth. Function of front denture teeth is inferior to natural teeth. Eating noodles is not a problem but you cannot bite fruits or bite off tough food.

2. Will the denture shed when I cough, speaking loudly or sing?
Well-made denture, portion and complete denture do not shed. If the denture that you are using right now is causing that kind of problem, it means the denture doesn’t fit perfectly or has problem. You need to have it fixed or remake it.
If your financial condition permits, do 2 to 4 implants in upper and lower gum that is supported and maintained by supported denture. You can recover the function almost like natural teeth.

3. Will the face look unnatural after putting denture?
There is a step where we check if the denture fits well with the face. We make sure that patient is satisfied with his/her face with denture. If the denture is well made, not only the patient but patient’s guardian says that patient’s appearance with healthy teeth reappeared.
There is a saying that Names and natures do often agree. As well as the well made denture’s function is much better. If your face looks unnatural, that means the denture is not perfectly made for you.


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