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Odontoplasty recovers not only shape of teeth, but also pronunciation and mastication

We could expect esthetic effect by dedicate technique other
than orthodontic treatment. Odontoplasty is treatment
which expects inartificial effect by putting dental prosthesis
at easily exposed parts like front tooth.

Object of odontoplasty

Gapped tooth

Irregular teeth

Projecting tooth or misaligned tooth

Weird shape tooth

Discolored tooth

Tooth which needs permanent dental bleaching

Clinic method of Odontoplasty


In case of broken or seriously discolored, or gapped tooth, you can have esthetic effect by pasting laminate at the surface of tooth after removing very little amount of tooth like 0.5mm~0.7mm. You can have great esthetic effect because it is made of ceramic which is almost the same with real tooth. It is very easy to make the best fit for the patient by controlling shape, color, and size freely. This is recommendable for people who want white tooth, and it doesn’t take long time.


This is made up of the same material as plastic. It is used at esthetically important parts where can be easily exposed although damaged part is not so big. It has many colors which fits most types of tooth. So the color and shape can be balanced with other teeth.


This is prosthesis which can recover the transparency of tooth. You can have great natural and esthetic effect. You can apply this clinic at tooth which can’t have laminate clinic because of serious discoloration or odontoclasis, tooth which had nerve treatment, and frontal tooth which needs esthetical effect and protection. Once it is produced, it is very stable at temperature changes, and doesn’t change in size. It is very hygienic material because the surface is very smooth and hard that plague can’t be formed easily.


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