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Confident and fascinating smile, toothwhitening

Whitening desire of patient is constantly getting bigger due to teeth staining
toward several causes and also desire of enhancing life quality and attentions are paid
to beauty. Tooth is a part that is exposed most in daily life so it stands out when talking
or smiling.

Tooth whitening came into the spotlight because tooth shape or color plays important role
in beauty and it also affect the first impression. But more recently, maintaining good image
and taking care of it became very important for not only young women but also people all age
due to social atmosphere.

Cause of tooth staining

External factors

Color of tooth becomes turbid due to strong pigment foods like coffee, tea, chocolate, wine and etc.

Internal factors

Inheritance, innate factor, drug, serious wound and etc can be internal factors. Tooth can also stain due to side effects of drug abuse, acne medication, ear medication and tetracyclines antibiotic.
In this case, tooth color become yellow, gray and brown. White strip or spot appears when excessive fluorine is taken. Severe jaundice of the newborn can change tooth color to brown. When tooth is wounded, the color becomes turbid and change to gray as time passes. Tooth color may change when treatments like dental caries or endodontic treatment are done. Aging is also a cause of tooth staining. Whitening treatment result of tooth staining due to external factors and aging are good and whitening comes out well when tooth color is yellow than gray.

Tooth whitening program

Home Bleaching

Perfect Tooth whitening mold for patient is made by modeling in the lower and upper teeth.
When whitening mold is made, we check if it fits well. This whitening program is sleeping with whitening mold with whiteners or taking off the whiteners before going to bed. It is effective to put whiteners for 1 to 2 hours in the morning and 6 to 8 hours in the evening. Whitening effect can be lower than office bleaching because we use low concentration whiteners.

Office Bleaching

Office Bleaching done in the dentist is effective for outstanding whitening treatment.
With high concentrated whiteners and LED, patient can check whitening effect with naked eyes in short period of time. There might be slight difference among individuals. This is useful method of tooth whitening for busy contemporary people.

Tips that are helpful to know after tooth whitening

Not eating food for 2hours after medical procedure can be a help to effect enhancement

Whiteners improvement maximizes during 24 to 28 hours after medical procedure so patient needs to avoid smoking and eating food with a lot of pigment to maintain whitening effect for a long time. Also, the same as natural teeth, color staining happens by pigmentary food even after whitening procedure. When you ate pigmentary food, do light tooth brushing or gargle your mouth.

Avoid tooth brush and paste that has high abrasivity during treatment period.

teeth might smart for 1 to 2o days after the procedure. This time, avoid too hot or cold food and beverages.

Color of gum might turn white after the procedure. But this is temporary phenomenon. So it will be gone after certain period of time. In this period immoderate brushing of tooth is not good.

Color of teeth might not look the same because the densities of tissues are all different. But bright colors spread out as time passes, making the whitening even.

Regular hospital visit is important for maintaining whitening effect for a long time and oral hygiene and health.

Foods and things that you need to be aware of after the procedures are red wine, coffee or tea, coke or pigmentary soda, food with pigment (curry, black bean sauce and etc), slightly uncooked meat, dark colored lipstick, tomato juice or sauce, kimchi, dark red vegetables, soy sauce, food with red pepper paste, grape or fruit sauce with pigment, smoking and etc.


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