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We have special treatment system for disabled, like mentally retarded people or autistic people who can’t control their behaviors well, to have treatment safely.

Special Treatment for disabled

These days, our society is experiencing rapid increase in population of disabled by acquired cause, which is the result of aging caused by industrialization, urbanization, and development of medical science. Disabled people have almost the same rate of having cavity or periodontal disease with normal people. However, normal people cure the disease at early stage and maintain good condition, most of disabled don’t have treatment at early stage and neglected which will worsen the disease. CK Dental Hospital is trying hard for disabled to have comprehensive treatment comfortably and safely with professional doctors and facilities suitable for patients.

Operating Sleep/general anesthesia cure clinic

We are operating sleep cure, general anesthesia clinic for disabled who can’t undergo normal treatment and people who have fear and panic about dental treatment. CK Dental Hospital can treat safely and comfortably because we have professional anesthetist staying.

Comfortable patient’s room

We are prepared with comfortable patient’s room for you to rest well until you recover enough consciousness.

Dental clinic which fits for different parts of disabled

We are conducting adapted treatment for different parts of disabled with medical team who have a lot of experience treating disabled.


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