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Seated Sleep Implant
No more fear and anxiety of dental treatment!!
All treatment will be done when you are a sleep.

Awake conscious sedation (Sleep treatment)

It is different from general anesthesia which blocks the consciousness and breathing.
Awake conscious sedation allows patient to spontaneously breathe normally and cannot remember the pain and discomfort of the operation.
Especially CK dental has assigned people to check the monitor when operation is going on. Also there are equipments that checks electrocardiogram, oxygen saturation and blood pressure.
And all the assigned people have completed first aid training more than two times to prepare for the emergencies.
In addition, midazolam, drug that is used in awake conscious sedation is much safer than the drug that is used in conscious sedation endoscope. Also midazolam is not highly addicted.
Therefore, CK dental hospital’s sleep anesthesia is very safe.

Patients who were delaying dental treatment (implant, extraction of wisdom tooth, gum treatment etc) because of the fear of dental treatment, come to CK dental hospital for safe, comfortable and pleasing treatment.

Awake conscious sedation (Sleep treatment) is directed at :

person who has great fear about dental treatment

person who suffer from vomiting after dental treatment

person who is physically ill and elders

person who cannot spend long time in medical treatment

person who need other treatment (extraction of wisdom tooth, oral cyst, fracture surgery, root treatment which takes a lot of time, prosthetic procedure) beside awake conscious sedation


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