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Worries about revision implant operation, CK dental hospital will solve you problem.
Leave it on us.

Surge of implant side effect incident, revision implant operation

According to the case of Consumer Protection Board, 1 to 2 out of 10 implant patients are doing revision implant operation. There are some cases where the patient needs to have revision implant operation due to several factors. Smoking, drinking alcohol, diabetics, high blood pressure and physical illness can higher the failure rate of implant operation.
Implant’s material is different from the natural teeth so it won’t have cavity and it is semi permanent. But it needs constant care because it might cause implant infection and side effect due to many reasons. The biggest reason of failing implant is the lack of doctor’s skill. Doctor who has done many different kinds of implant can operate implant safely in short period of time with his/her know-how.

In CK dental hospital

CK dental hospital is pouring a lot of effort to increase the rate of success of medical procedure and all the medical teams are working together.

Because implant treatment, operation and prosthetics and maintaining is crucial, so our specialized medical teams from different departments are working together

We use specialized equipment such as 3D CT and Laser for better treatment that suit our customer.

Revision implant operation is directed at :

person who failed his first implant operation. (Implant fall out, not good bone blending)

person who has gum infection near implant

person whose bone has not been blended well due to smoking

person who’s tooth fixing is well done but has damaged implant due to tough food

Revision implant operation procedure

Revision implant operation comes with destroying large amount of bone.
If large amount of bone is destroyed, it is impossible to do revision operation using standard method. So recovery of bone shape should be done through special techniques such as guided bone regeneration, autogenous bone graft, and block bone graft before implant placement.
Revision implant operation is high level medical surgery than placing the implant at a good conditioned gum. So this requires a lot of experienced medical teams.

After implant operation, when there is problem in fixation power, this happens before implant adheres to gum bone. In this case, we pull out the implant and place implant that had wider circumstance.
Implant can fail when follow up care is not done properly, causing infection near implant and melting of gum bone that holds implant. In this case, we pull out the implant and wait till the infection heals and then, transplant artificial bone and with for 2 to 3 month for the transplanted gum bone to be harden. That’s time when we can place implant again.


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