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My third healthy teeth in my life, Implant


Broad meaning of implant is “transplanted tissue to the body” but in dentistry, it means various forms of prosthetics that can be implanted in jaw bone. It refers to artificial teeth (artificial root, implanted teeth and root) especially to replace the loss teeth or teeth roots.
In the past, when there was teeth loss, it was very common to treat it by denture.
But implant placement treatment doesn’t pull out teeth nearby or use denture. Without using this method, artificial root is transplanted on the gum bone to make it function like natural teeth.

Advantages of implant

Comfortable when chewing food

Denture shed often and pain goes to gum when chewing food. But implant is transplanting root to gum bone, so it is very similar to the natural teeth.

Does not damage teeth nearby

Unlike bridge method, natural teeth are kept. Implant does not have to pull out teeth around.

Long life expectancy

Implant has longer lifespan than the standard prosthetics. Lifespan can be even longer depending on patient’s oral condition.

Helps jaw bone not to be absorbed

Teeth loss decreases amount of gum bone and jaw bone which can change the shape of mouth.
But implant activates gum and put back the teeth in original position, specially the front teeth. All this can happen because implant allows patients to chew food well.

Case when implant is needed :

When teeth near the damaged teeth are healthy

When last teeth are lost

When patient is having hard time eating because of the denture

When denture cannot be done because there is side effect of material or
metal that the dentist uses

When there are no teeth on the either side

Implant FAQ

1. How can I know if I can do implant?
See dentist before you decide. It is very important to have good health condition, bone structure and strong gum condition that can hold and fix the implant in proper place.
People who can wear denture can be a right and good object people for implant.
If someone has a hobby of clenching his/her teeth and physical illness like diabetics, success rate of implant is very low. It is considered that people who smoke and drink alcohol are not appropriate for implant operation.

2. Isn’t it painful?
Except for special case there is almost no pain because tropical anesthesia is done before implant operation. If the fear of the dentist is great, we offer sedated sleep implant.

3. How long does implant last?
Depends on the patient’s condition, but mostly implant last longer than standard prosthetics if follow up care is done properly. This is one of the advantages of implant. The same as the natural teeth, keep oral hygiene management and regular check-up and no smoking will make implant’s lifespan longer.
But if there is infection near implant due to lack of oral care or excessive smoking and drinking alcohol can shorten the lifespan.

4. How long does it take?
No incision implant will take approximately five minutes per tooth and standard implant takes about ten minutes.

5. How long is the treatment duration?
From operation to putting teeth on implant takes three to five months. But depending on the bone condition, it takes minimum of one month and maximum of six months.
Also, depending on the circumstance we place implant product that can be made within one or two days. Through the development of technology, treatment duration is decreasing as time pass by.

6. What is the success rate of implant?
With recent implant skill’s development and experienced specialists, success rate of implant is high.

7. What do we need to beware of after operation?
• Cool the operated part for two days
• Restrain hot bath, dry sauna, severe exercise, perming for two to three days after operation
• Restrain smoking and drinking alcohol for two to three days after operation
• Avoid hot food and use the opposite side of teeth when chewing.
• If it bleeds a lot, keep biting cool gauze. If bleeding doesn’t stop, you should go to the dentist and
   get appropriate treatment.

Mental health can affect the success rate of implant. Implant failure is usually because of the poor oral condition. Therefore it is very important to floss at least two times a day carefully avoiding any contact between implant and metal made material.
Dentists in CK dental hospital will explain in detail on how to take care of the implant.
Cleansing procedure in the dentist about four times in a year might be needed to maintain healthy gum


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