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Maxillary sinus floor elevation
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Maxillary sinus floor elevation

Maxillary sinus gets bigger and width of bone is narrow,
implant placement space might not be enough. Elevating maxillary sinus is done
to have enough space for implant before the operation.

Maxillary sinus floor elevation transplant bone using maxillary sinus
when gum bone is not enough to do implant operation.

What is maxillary sinus?

Maxillary sinus is a large space next to the nose.
Empty space inside skull reduces skull weight and filters waste in air and
dust inside our nose when breathing.

Case where maxillary sinus floor elevation is needed

Gum bone can be absorbed if molar teeth are lost for a long time. Length of implant is nine to ten millimeter. If maxillary sinus goes down, space won’t be enough for implant and width of gum bone gets thinner. In this case maxillary sinus floor elevation is needed.
Implant operation might be hard if there is infection in maxillary sinus. Because thin layer at the upper part of maxillary and paranasal sinuses might be ripped.

Maxillary sinus floor elevation is definitely needed when molar teeth are gone?

People have different forms of maxillary sinus. So the size and height of maxillary sinus is precisely filmed through 3D CT and panorama to check whether maxillary sinus floor elevation can be done or not. Not all people need to do maxillary sinus floor elevation.

After maxillary sinus floor elevation, nose runs and kernel like bone is crunched?

After maxillary sinus floor elevation, there are some cases nose run or bleed. Also transplanted kernel like bone can be crunched. Symptoms like these might be continued for 1week to 1month.
This doesn’t mean that the operation went wrong. You need to contact the hospital and get appropriate treatment when nose bleeding doesn’t stops.

Maxillary sinus floor elevation treatment procedure

Checking the alveolar bone where maxillary sinus is located if implant can be done.

Separate maxillary sinus, layer and bones around for transplanting.

Cover the maxillary sinus and stitch for blending.

Time for transplanted bone and implant to blend is needed.

Finalize the operation by lifting the prosthetics.

Things to beware of after operation

Do not blow your nose when blood comes out for 2 to 3 days. Just wipe it off.

Open your mouth when you sneeze and avoid using straw and blowing nose.
There is danger of 2nd infection because of increased pressure in maxillary sinus when blowin nose and using straw.

Restrain smoking and drinking alcohol.

Do not touch operated part with your tongue and toothbrush.

Sterilize every morning and evening with gargle liquid.

Otorhinolaryngological treatment might be needed after operation.

Restrain severe exercise and sauna during operation for three days.


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