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Bone transplanting implant
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Even though gum bone is not enough, Implant is possible after bone transplanting.

Bone transplanting implant

Enough amount of gum bone is important in doing implant.
When gum bone is not enough, for safe operation we transplant bone to form more gum bone.
Patient’s own bone or artificial bone is place implant placement.

Case when bone transplanting implant is needed

Bone transplanting is needed when gum bone is not enough because lack of gum bone can lead to loss sensory function while doing implant operation.

Have not treated teeth after losing it

When gum bone is innately thin

When gum bone is infected by virus due to periodontal disease.

Kinds of bone used in bone transplanting implant

Gum bone can be absorbed if molar teeth are lost for a long time. Length of implant is nine to ten millimeter. If maxillary sinus goes down, space won’t be enough for implant and width of gum bone gets thinner. In this case maxillary sinus floor elevation is needed.
Implant operation might be hard if there is infection in maxillary sinus. Because thin layer at the upper part of maxillary and paranasal sinuses might be ripped.

Autogenous bone

Transplanting one self’s bone. Almost no rejection and last longer than any other materials.

Allogenous bone

Transplanting animal or corpse’s bone. Through special management process, there is no great pressure, but there might be a rejection.

Synthetic bone

Artificially bone.

Bone transplanting implant treatment duration and pain

Bone transplanting implant operation is done when transplanted bone and gum bone is blended. In case of bone transplanting implant, treatment procedure differs depending on the remaining amount of bone. There are two ways of placing implant two to three months after the bone transplanting.

Generally, simple implant operation is painful when awaking from the anesthesia. Except for this point, the pain is not that severe. But the level of operation is high, so it might take long time when treatment portion is wide and pain might be severe when you bleed a lot.

Matters that requires attention

Avoid spiting saliva on the day of operation because it will not help the flow of blood.

Restrain smoking and drinking alcohol.

Applying ice pack will held relive pain because pain might continue for two to three days.

Restrain severe exercise, shower and bath for three days after the operation.

Use gargle liquid for stitched portion and use opposite side of teeth to chew. Do not chew with surgical site.


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