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Invisalign offers you a beauty of even teeth
with invisible orthodontic appliance.

Invisible orthodontics, Invisalign

Unlike metal orthodontic appliance, invisalign is composed of transparent frame
which gives you beautiful smile that you wanted.
Metal orthodontic appliance gives unfavorable impression
but invisalign straightens teeth using colorless resin made of plastic material,
where patient can wear and take it off by him/herself.

Features of invisalign

Orthodontic appliance using transparent frame

It is a detachable colorless appliance which needs to be changed once every two weeks to straighten the teeth. It is detachable when brushing teeth or eating.

Visit hospital once every 6 to 8 weeks

Average treatment duration of invisalign is about a year. Patients visit hospital once every 6 to 8 weeks. Treatment will be done by receiving orthodontic appliance regularly.
Number of orthodontic appliances depends on patient’s teeth condition.

Orthodontic appliance without metal

It doesn’t irritate mouth because there’s no metal. Also there is no emergency caused by falling of appliance or being pricked. No worries about dental caries or periodontal disease due to complicated orthodontic appliance and also, it is easy to eat and brush.

Advantages of Invisalign

Can have bright smile while the treatment is going on.

It’s almost invisible and less painful than standard orthodontic appliance.

Almost no difficulty in speaking and appliance adjustment period is short.

No emergency caused by falling of appliance or being pricked.

Detachable. So it is very hygienic and easy to do oral care.

Almost no worries of gum disease and cavity.

Long interval visit decreases the number of hospital visit .

There are no limitations in eating.

Invisalign requires accurate orthodontic diagnosis and treatment plan and
high level of training and clinical experience is a must because it needs prediction of minute amount
of accurate dental movement rate and movement route. You can get good result when you get a treatment form specialist who received Invisalign Certification.


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