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Incognito is 100 percent patient personalized orthodontic appliance
that is installed
, unlike standard personalized orthodontic
appliance, it minimized distorted speech.

Incognito sticks orthodontic appliance at teeth inside

Unlike standard personalized orthodontic appliance, Incognito has high expectation of having accurate and high degree of completion of calibrated teeth by using 3D scan and CADCAM to make custom made teeth.
Size of bracket became smaller due to Ultra précised computer system and comfortable treatment is possible now.
Standard lingual orthodontic appliance size was very big, severe distorted speech and has low précised orthodontic treatment. But incognito has a lot smaller custom made appliance, wearable and adjustment about pronunciation is high after 2weeks.
Incognito has high expectation of having accurate, high degree of completion of calibrated teeth and body friendly because it is made of metal that has high affinity.

Features of Incognito

Thin bracket reduces feeling of irritation

With thin bracket and high teeth adhesion, it doesn’t distract tongue and pronunciation is natural.
Since it is specially made for the patient, rate of bracket falling is very low. Incognito is a lot smaller, thin and has slight feeling of irritation. Orthodontic appliance cannot be seen because it will be attached at inner teeth.

Increase efficiency of moving and précised treatment

Increase efficiency of moving through custom made and it is now possible to do accurate moving of teeth. We can count on short treatment duration.

Treatment procedure of Incognito

Difference between Incognito and standard Lingual orthodontic appliance

Size of standard lingual orthodontic appliance is big compare to Incognito. Thus irritation reaction about tongue is huge. It will be okay if you adjust to the appliance but it is very hard to adjust. But incognito scans patient’s teeth through 3D and make appliance stick to the teeth. Since the appliance stick completely at teeth surface, the tendency of appliance falling is very low. It is body friendly and damaging of appliance is low because it is made of gold instead of Standard stainless steel bracket.


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