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Protruding mouth correction
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Beautiful smile with straightening teeth
Treatment method for harmonious healthy face and teeth.
Orthodontic treatment is a treatment that requires functional problem and dental esthetics.

Always worried about protruding mouth? Protruding mouth correction is the answer

In a case where mouth is protruding than nose tip or chin end is called mouth protrusion. Treatment method differs according to the condition of protruding mouth.
It is important to straighten the teeth but the harmony of patient’s face is also important
in orthodontic treatment of protruding mouth.

Protruding mouth diagnose

End of nose and chin touch the ruler when measuring.

In case when mouth cannot be closed well
if there’s no power in lips.

In case when you force to close your mouth,
there is wrinkle at the end of the chin

When you often hear that your impression is grumpy and chuffy.

When there is destiny wrinkle beside the nose.

When your nose seem flat (but in fact, it’s not small)
and your chin look small.

When you chin like short chin.

When you are not confident when taking picture
at the side and when your chin look awkward in a picture.

Kinds of mouth protrusion

Kinds of mouth protrusion differ depending on the shape of the jaw and gum.

Depending on the shape of the jaw

• General protruding mouth : No problem in jaw bone’s size or location. Only teeth are protruded.
• Short chin protruding mouth : When lower front teeth are more protruded and upper jaw is bigger.
• Lantern jaw protruding mouth : When upper front teeth are more slanted toward front and lower jaw is protruding.

Depending on the gum exposure

• Normal gum exposure : 2 to 4millimeters of teeth are exposed when your lips are comfortably resting.
• Excessive gum exposure : More than 4 millimeters are exposed usually and more than 6 millimeters are exposed when laughing.
• Short of gum exposure : Teeth are almost not exposed usually.

Method of protruding mouth correction and treatment duration

Secure space by pulling out small molar teeth. Using the secured space, push the front teeth where we can count on protruding mouth correction.

Teeth that are pulled out for protruding mouth correction are called premolar teeth, which is located between canine tooth and big molar tooth. This tooth is not necessarily needed for esthetic side.

When pushing front teeth, if molar teeth are moved to front, the degree of hollow teeth can be decreased.
We need to decide the degree of pushing the mouth in based on the degree of molar teeth dragged out.

Treatment duration is approximately 1 year and 6 months. This is average duration so the duration may differ depending on the rate of movement and absorption.
To do the treatment without straining teeth and gum, patient needs to visit hospital once every month.


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