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Misaligned tooth correction
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Beautiful smile with straightening teeth
Treatment method for harmonious healthy face and teeth.
Orthodontic treatment is a treatment that requires functional problem and dental esthetics.

Worried about misaligned tooth? Misaligned tooth correction is the answer

We can count on the change of teeth condition and also appearance by correcting the misaligned tooth.

Reason why misaligned tooth appears

Usually misaligned tooth appears when there is no enough space between teeth or when jaw bone is small. One of the reason why misaligned tooth appears is the early fall of baby tooth.
There is high tendency of having misaligned tooth if the baby tooth fell because it is not cared well or when space is not secured at the right time. Especially canine tooth can become misaligned tooth since it comes out slowly than other teeth.

Period of misaligned tooth correction

Adolescent period is the most appropriate time for misaligned tooth correction. Because in this period, teeth move fast when pushed. If space needs to be secure, we pull out small molar tooth behind the canine tooth.

Reason why we need misaligned tooth correction

Misaligned tooth can be a great stress to the teeth and one self’s teeth condition.
It is not easy to take care of it and food stuck between the teeth which can lead to cavity of gum disease.


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