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Part orthodontic is becoming confident.
Part orthodontic is correcting parts of teeth such as front teeth, molar teeth.

Case where part orthodontic is needed

When there is gap between the teeth

Teeth formation as a whole is good but when only front teeth are crooked

When molar teeth are slanted so normal prosthetic treatment is not appropriate

Front teeth orthodontics

This is correcting front teeth when there is little gap between or protruded.
Treatment duration is short and there is no need of teeth extraction. Because molar teeth are stable, in case of occlusion condition, we can enhance function and esthetic part of front teeth. Treatment duration is between 6weeks to 6months, the appliance is small and simple and can be used to parts.

Reason why front tooth correction is done by non-extraction teeth

In case of correcting front teeth, more than 90 percent is done by non-extraction teeth.
Then how are we going to secure space? One way to secure space is by realigning stricture arch.
Treatment result can be changed depending on how efficiently secured space using posture between interdental.

Correcting molar teeth

This orthodontic treatment prepares space for implant around moral teeth which were lost because of orthodontic treatment by arranging the teeth nearby. Moral teeth correction is done when the mouth is not protruded.
Moral teeth correction is needed when moral teeth are slanted after teeth loss so normal prosthetic treatment is not possible or when moral teeth are down or upper and lower moral teeth are not occlude properly.


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