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What is malocclusion?

Malocclusion includes all condition where occlusion is not normal. Uneven teeth is one of a kind of malocclusion and protruding mouth or lantern jaw which has unnatural face outline all said to be malocclusion.
According to a survey, Korea’s malocclusion frequency is 76 percent. Of course it could be just not good skeleton relation or uneven teeth alignment. That is to say 75 percent from Korea’s population need orthodontic treatment.
Division of malocclusion has more professional way, but it can be divided like below for better understanding.

Problem of teeth alignment

When there is gap between teeth or teeth are uneven. In this case, there might be no problem in teeth function but for esthetic purposes, orthodontic treatment is needed.

1. when there is gap between teeth
2. when there is misaligned tooth

Problem of teeth functioning

When there is occlusion problem between upper and lower teeth.
In normal occlusion relation, upper teeth vertically cover lower teeth 2 to 4 millimeters and 2 to 4 millimeters should be protruded frontward. Open-bite malocclusion is when upper teeth cannot cover lower teeth fully, on the other hand too much covering is called deep bite. When lower teeth are more protruded than upper teeth is called underbite. When there is problem in dental function, there is a masticatory function problem and it usually comes with esthetic problem so orthodontic treatment is needed.

1. When teeth are occluded upside down.
2. When lower teeth cannot be seen.
3. When teeth are stretched out and lower teeth cannot be seen.

Problem of face outline

Gingival retraction may progress rapid for adults if orthodontic treatment is done.
If it is caused by gingival retraction or wrong tooth brushing, majority of patients need to learn proper tooth brushing, and should cooperate fully to finish the orthodontic treatment in short period of time.


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