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Orthognathic surgery

Facial symmetry is the most important part when Orthognathic surgery.
Patient with skeleton prognathism has facial asymmetry.
So treatment plan should be made after observing if the face center-line,
center-line of upper jaw dentition, center-line of lower jaw dentition and
center-line of chin matches. One of the malformations is facial asymmetry
in the field of orthognathic. It is no well recognized by patient and patient’s family
because the change appears slowly. But once the patient is aware of it,
patient should bear in mind that there will be psychological, mental and social problem.

Cause of facial asymmetry

Asymmetrical growth of lower jaw bone

Side lower jaw shroud hyperplasia

Side lower jaw shroud hypoplasia

Condylar head’s injury result: most common cause for children


Treatment method of facial asymmetry

Proper assessment of facial asymmetry can be done by measuring rate of malformation of hard tissue, set of teeth and soft tissue.

1. Teeth orthodontic treatment to cure malocclusion.
2. Orthognathic surgery : genioplasty, mandibular angle plasty, upper and lower mandible body plasty.

Matters that requires attention when under orthodontic treatment

Tooth brushing when under orthodontic treatment

Food particle might often get in orthodontic treatment. If proper tooth bushing is not done, cavity or gum disease might outbreak. For this reason, you need special care for dental hygiene after eating. Patient needs to brush teeth using orthodontic and interdental brush. If you are wearing rubber band, take it off and brush teeth softly. Using orthodontic brush, bush upper and lower teeth at the angle of 45. Also the outer side, tongue, occlusal and proximate surface where teeth occlude.

Eating food when under orthodontic treatment

Avoid hard, tough and chewy food. (Squid, peanut, taffy, caramel, energy bar, meat radish, kimchi, and carrot). This might let appliance fall and strain teeth. If the appliance falls, the orthodontic treatment duration will be extended. If you are wearing transparent orthodontic appliance, you should avoid drinking coffee and smoking which can cause coloring.

Appliance fall during orthodontic treatment

If you feel pain because the appliance fell and metal pricked you, you need to contact the hospital right away and visit hospital for attaching.
If you leave it as is, it will hurt you and have canker sores. Teeth will also move to the other direction which makes the treatment duration longer.

Pain during orthodontic treatment

For 1 to 2weeks after attaching bracket, you will have canker sore and your chic and teeth will be uncomfortable. In this case we put orthodontic candle to the appliance to lessen the irritation and for adjustment.

Allergic reaction during orthodontic treatment

Patient might be allergic to the materials used in appliance and procedure, such as metal, glove, rubber band or ring. If you see symptoms like changing of skin color in mouth or swelling.

Therapeutic regimen of hospital

Orthodontic treatment is done by the doctor and patient. Not only the doctor.
In orthodontic treatment patient should take good care of using rubber band or removable appliance for satisfying result and reduction of treatment duration.


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