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Ulsan where has beautiful harmony of mountains and sea.

Ulsan is a port city where has natural benign climate and it is located at the center of east Asia, south east of South Korea.
Ulsan has many neighboring cities like Busan,Yang-san, and Kyoung Ju. Therefore, you can see and feel a lot of things from history of Korea until fashion of Korea.
Ulsan has a lot of well known cultural properties like Bangudae petroglyphs and Cheon jeon li square stone which are international cultural heritages.

The Alps of Yeong nam area

Ulsan is often called the Alps of Yeong nam area because of it's beautiful mountains such as Ga ji mountain, Jae yak mountain, Sin bul mountain, Cheon hwang mountain, Yeong chuk mountain, Go heon mountain and Gan Weol mountain.


Daewangam Park

Daewangam Park is located at the easternmost part of South Korea, and it was used as farm ranch at Cho-Seon era.
It was called UlGi Park since May,14, 1962 because of the Ulgi ligth house which was built on 1906, and the name was changed to Daewangam Park on Febuary,24,2004.
This is one of the 12 sceneries of Ulsan where you can see ocean and forest at the same time, magnificent view of waves, rocks of fantastic shape, and more than 15,000 black pine trees which are older than 100 years.


Whale museum and ecology experience

Ulsan has very special relationship with whales from hundreds or thousands of years ago.
The first proof for the special relationship is national treasure 2285, Bangudae petroglyphs which proves the first whale hunting of mankind.
Second is Whale museum and ecology experience that you can only find at Ulsan in Korea.
You can get information and artifacts related to whales like dissection place of whales, huge oil tank used at whale oil dairy, which are naturally disappeared since the whaling industry was prohibited.
You can see Go a rong,Jang ggot bun, Go da rong, which are dolphins that received identification cards from Ulsan Namgu, which means they are Korean citizens legally.



This is the place where you can see the first sun rise at new year in North east Asia, and it has New Year Festival annually.
It is also a famous attraction for newlyweds because it has flowers for every season that provides wonderful scenery.
GanJeolgot is placed at south east of Korea where has many tourist attractions like pine tree forest, fantastic shape of stones, Jin ha beach where is the most well known beach in Ulsan, SeoSengpo weseong, Nasabongsudae and Onyang pottery village. GanJeolgot light house was made at the Japanese colonial period, and it also has great view.

Jeongja beach

Jeongja beach seldom has sandy area, but most of area is covered with black pebbles from bean size up to the size of your fist. Many people visit this place because you can enjoy the wonderful scenery of pale blue-green ocean with small stone islands at any time.

Seoknam temple

Seoknam temple was built at about 1200 years ago during Sin-la era for training Bhikkuni and it is located under beautiful Gaji mountain.
You can see Seoknam temple Budo(Treasure number369), Seoknam temple 3 story stone pagoda, and also the beautiful scenery of Gaji mountain.

Ulsan industry visit

Achievement of exporting $100 billion dollars! You can see the driving force of Ulsan industry.

SK energy

SK energy's oil refinery in Ulsan complex began producing oil products for the first time in Korea at 1964!
Currently, it has 5 factories which are atmospheric distillation processing factory, distillation under reduced pressure processing factory, desulphurization processing factory, catalytic reforming processing factory, and asphalt processing factory. These 5 factories process 840,000 barrel of crude oil which is the largest amount in Korea.
SK energy provides many kinds of oil products like gasoline, kerosene, and diesel.

Hyundai heavy industry

Hyundai heavy industry has the best facilities and scale which includes 1 million ton class dock, and 900 ton class goliath crane which are the largest in the world. Hyundai heavy industry handles 15% of world ship production.
The whole world was amazed by Hyundai heavy industry on 2004, because they show the new ship construction method which is processed on the land not in a dock for the first time in the world.
Currently, Hyundai heavy industry is ranked No.1 at shipbuilding industry.
It has exclusive pier which has enough space for three 50000 ton class ships, 580000 trees for environment and cutting edge environmental protection system.
You can watch ship construction at Hyundai heavy industry.


Hyundai motor company

Hyundai motor company's Ulsan factory is the world's largest car factory.
Ulsan factory has facilities that can produce 1.6 million cars annually.
It has 80000 employees internationally, and selling cars at 6000 agencies in 198 countries.
Currently Hyundai motor company is showing dignity of Korean car industry as one of the world's top 100 companies.
Hyundai motor company tour allows you to see car producing factory and more than 10 thousand cars at pier waiting to be exported.

City of cultural tourism, Busan

Busan is the second biggest city in Korea, a port city, and international city of cultural tourism where has a lot of events and festivals like Busan International Film Festival.


Nurimaru APEC house became epitome of international conference facilities after the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting in 2005. There are still about 4~5thousand tourists are visiting this place.
Nurimaru means "the top of world" and it is constructed based on Korean unique structure "Jeong Ja". As you enter this building, you can see the traces of APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting.



Haeundae beach has very wide sandy beach, beautiful seashore, shallow water, and smooth wave which are perfect fit for a beach.
It represents attractions of Busan, and it has so many people every summer that it can even be used as scale for counting numbers of summer vacationers.
Also many forigners come to this place because there are many buildings and luxurious hotels which make Haeundae beach very modern and sophisticated.


Gwangan grand bridge

The largest marine bridge in Korea.
Not only Gwangan grand bridge's night view is beautiful, but also the view you can see on top of the bridge is wonderful.
You can see OhRyuk island, Hwangryeong mountain, Gwanganli beach, Haeundae, and other sceneries if you use Gwangan grand bridge.


International market, BIFF street

You can see and feel everything from seafood street up to fashion street.
International market represents Busan's attractions, and it is similar to Namdaemun market of Seoul, but Busan international market is like a maze.
The center of BIFF is Nampodong, and Bupyeongdong of Busan. There are many theaters around BIFF square. It is like a heaven of movies because there are so many first-run theaters at this place.


Gwangbok street/Street of Youth

Gwangbok street which is like a huge department store made up of luxurious fashion building,young casual brand,street fashion shops, shoe store,theater street,food street, import product street, and traditional product street, and Chang seon street, Sin chang street commercial supremacy has been expanded.
Currently, Gwangbok street has a lot of new shops opening which provides interesting view and delicious food.
Moreover, the outlet markets which were heavily concentrated until 1998 have been changed to individual markets that mainly sell cosmetics,bags and shoes since 1999.
Now a days, many forign tourists are coming to this place since Busan Lotte town Gwangbok branch opened.
Street of Youth which is near Gwangbok street has many shops selling female clothes, underware, shoes, fashion items which can give you enjoyment.
You can meet this place through the intersection of ABC mart at fashion street of Gwangbok street.
You can easily find young women of twenties because this place sells newest fashion clothes for reasonable price. Try to visit Street of Youth, where is full of youth as its name!


Shinsaegyae Department shore(Shinsaegyae Centum city)

Shinsaegyae Centum city is the the biggest complex shopping resort in Asia which is composed of department store,ine-rink,theater,golf range and spa land.
Complex shopping center has various facilities like department store,ine-rink,theater,huge bookstore, golf range.
It has 21 prestige stores, 622 famous brands, and also many cultural facilities like venue and galary.
Also there is huge food store at basement, and theater with 2141seats 10 halls and starium hall.



Taejongdae has a really wonderful view which reminds us of Capri island at Golpo di Napoli which is one of the world's 3 most attractive port.


Busan city tour course

Dongbaek island(Nurimaru)-Haeundae-Shinsaegyae.Lotte department store-Gwangan grand bridge/Taejongdae-Nampodong,BIFF square,Jagalchi

Repository of traditional culture Gyeong ju

Gyeong ju is often called outdoor museum because of so many artifacts, and historical sites like temples and stone buddhas which allows us to feel the culture, and art of the ancient kingdom.

Bulguk temple and Seokguram

Bulguk temple and Seokguram both are registered as world heritage.
This is the place where you can truly feel the spirit of Shin-ra dynasty.


It is known as the oldest astronomical observatory, but there are different opinions for the purpose of construction.
Some people says it was not for astronomical observations but a monument for astronomical observatory. And some others say that it is a building constructed as Sumeru which is the center of world in Buddhism.
It also works as a sundial by the same shape from any direction.
Like these, there are different opinions for Cheomseongdae, but one thing everyone admit is that structure of Cheomseongdae is very scientific.


An ap ji

An ap ji is west side of Shin-ra palace where was detached place.
They used this place as the palace of crown prince with other buildings and when there is happy occasion or noble customer comes, the held a party here.
This is also the place where Kyeongsun King of Shin-ra invited Wang-gun to ask help when Kyeon-hyeon attacked Shin-ra dynasty.
After Shin-ra unified 3 countries, people says Mun-mu king made a large pond, 3 islands at the center of pond, and 12 peaks of mountains at north and east part of the pond. And they planted beautiful flowers and trees and raised rare and precious birds and animals.



There are 23 tombs including Mi-chu royal tomb of Shin-ra dynasty.
There were more tombs before, but they made park with those tombs which have burial mound, and it became present shape.
Cheonmachong is almost the only chance to see the tomb of Shin-ra dynasty at inside. Artifacts from Cheonmachong have been transfered to museum.


Filming and drama location

You can see the shape of Kyeong ju from movies or dramas. From historical dramas up to modern dramas, you can see various shapes of Kyeong ju.

Kyeong ju city tour course

Bulguk temple-Bunhwang temple-Cheonma chong-National Kyeong ju museum-Anapji-Cheomseongdae

Other details

Please coordinate your tour schedule with coordinator who is in charge.

The schedule is based on indecated schedule and it might be changed according to occasions.

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