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Ulsan area

Lotte hotel Ulsan

The place where has sophisticated and modernistic sense, comfortable and quite room, service with high consideration, huate cuisine to provide best taste for customers who pursue sensual life style, high quality fitness club for well-being life, and the largest duty free shop in Korea.
The comfortable resting area where you can have successful business and leisure, and find relaxation of your mind is Lotte hotel.


Hyundai hotel Ulsan

Hyundai hotel is 11 story building with 284 rooms and it has comfortable facilities. There are cafe, buffet restaurant, western food restaurant, japanese food restaurant, and bar. Also there is indoor swimming pool, sauna with great facilities and fitness club with well organized programs. Customers can have international conference, seminar, party, family party and also they can have dinner with maximum of 340 people at the same time, and cocktail party with maximum of 600 people at the same time.


Hotel Ocean view

Ulsan, as Korea's representative industrial city, has many forign sojourners who came for business. To follow the trend, our hotel trys to provide services which fit for each customers who are from different countries. Most of all, we are trying our best to provide comfortable environment which makes customers to feel like their house.

Busan area

Haeundae Grand hotel

Haeundae grand hotel is a special first class hotel which has comfortable leisure, sports facilities inside hotel of high dignity where is placed at Haeundae where has many tourist attractions, beautiful beach and international hot spring. Total size of 31000 pyeong, high quality rooms including more than 800 pyeong for presidential and royal suite rooms, restaurant for many types of professional food and drink, and cutting edge fitness club is high quality accommodation and resting area for tourist and residents. We also have public facilities like sauna, swimming pool, bowling alley, and indoor golf practice area. Haeundae grand hotel has all the facilities for leisure and rest, and also employees are trying hard to provide best service to the customers with deep consideration which is similar to the depth of the ocean.
40minutes away from CK dental hospital


Haeundae Centum hotel

It is located in front of Bexco in Centum area of Busan which is the second city of Korea. it has brand new hotel facilities and cutting edge functions, and it will become Busan's source of pride. Relieve your stress by watching the wide ocean of Haeundae, and we are prepared with facilities and all services to help you achieve your purpose of visiting our hotel. All employees are trying their best to serve you with highest service.
40minutes away from CK dental hospital


Haeundae Paradise

At one side of beautiful endless beach, paradise hotel Busan exists with fragrance of masterpiece. The place where you can see ocean and sky only by raising your head, 'paradise hotel Busan' has 530 rooms which is the biggest at haeundae, and we have outdoor hot spring, duty free shop with international masterpiece brands which allows you to experience business and resort functions well as a special first class hotel. Beach side rooms also have balcony where you can see haeundae beach. Many people specially from other area prefers our hotel because it is located near the beach, and they can see the beach very well from balcony.
40minutes away from CK dental hospital


Haeundae Westin Chosun

Haeundae westin Chosun hotel continued enless developments and changes since the opening in 1978, and we remodeled facilities like lobby and presidential suite in 2005 before APEC, and we became the best business hotel in Busan after successful APEC. It takes 40 minutes from Gimhae international airport and 30 minutes from downtown. There are a lot of tourist attractions like BEXCO, Dongbek Island Nurimaru APEC house, Busan Aqurium, Suyeong bay Busan marina, Jangsan hiking course, Yonggung temple, and Gwangan grand bridge. We remodeled rooms with integrated concept of business and resort that makes the rooms the best place to enjoy the scenery of haeundae beach and gwangan grand bridge beautifully. We have 290 rooms with comfortable facilities including internet, air conditioning and heating system, TV, mini bar, refrigerator, and voice mailbox. We also have Heavenly bed which is Westin's source of pride to ensure customers' comfortable bedding and let customers feel like they are in heaven on the ground.
40minutes away from CK dental hospital


Lotte hotel Semyeon

It is a business hotel with many facilities like 806 rooms, luxurious restaurant, international conference room, and banquet hall. World's top class entertainment hotel with many attractions and enjoyments.
40minutes away from CK dental hospital

Gyeong ju area

Hilton hotel Gyeong ju

Gyeong ju Hilton hotel became one of the best hotels in Korea by greeting not only Korean celebrities but also VIPs from other countries successfully. We will try our best to keep up with the fast changing era to become the world’s best hotel. We really appreciate your love and consideration, and we will always provide the best service and special impression.
40minutes away from CK dental hospital


Hyundai hotel Gyeong ju

Hyundai hotel Gyeong ju is hotel with resort and convention for many types of events and parties, and also for families. We have 449 rooms, convention hall with 1000 seats and simultaneous interpretation equipment for 6 different languages, 8 banquet halls, and many sports facilities like bowling alley, swimming pool, squash court, and racket ball court. Also we have sports facility where you can have indoor athletics competition with 600 people.
40minutes away from CK dental hospital


The Suites hotel Gyeong ju

The Suites hotel Gyeong ju with refreshing wind from Bomun Lake is a high quality vacation resort where we engrafted the beauty of soft lines and margin of space from the 1000 years history of Shin-ra era to our modern life style. We will provide the best service to let your trip looking for beautiful history of Kyeong ju become more special with rooms that give you comfortable feeling with independent space and graceful colors, cutting edge facilities for business, and golf course with nature.
40minutes away from CK dental hospital


Kolon hotel Gyeong ju

With the slogan “Tradition and sincerity, the best resort hotel in Gyeong ju”, we always try to fulfill the satisfaction of customers and we are waiting for you with bright smile. You can have beautiful memories from our hotel with great hot spring, golf course with natural turfs, and wonderful view of Toham Mountain. We give you the true satisfaction with comfortable rooms where you can enjoy the sunrise of Tohan Mountain, restaurant with food from many different countries, high quality of banquet halls, hot spring, and leisure facilities for golf, swimming, jogging, and hiking.
40minutes away from CK dental hospital


Commodore hotel Gyeong ju

Commodore hotel Gyeong ju is the first special class hotel in Gyeong ju, and we play an important role in Gyeong ju’s history. Even though the world is changing rapidly, the nostalgia of the past lets us to rest. “Genial attachment of family which we find from the mood of ancestors” is your spirit of service and our goal for the satisfaction of customers. We will try our best to be the optimal hotel to match Gyeong ju, the best cultural city in Korea.
40minutes away from CK dental hospital


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